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Sanitary Pressure Transmitter (2-wire Type / Terminal Box Type)
"Changeability type of output 4 to 20mA scaling"
VHST series(Terminal Box Type)

* The photo shows a ferrule 2S type.

  • Output 4-20mA (2 wire system) scaling function. (Supports negative pressure, compound pressure and reverse output.)
  • IP67 construction for environmental resistance.
  • Pressure port with higher strength.
  • Safe and reliable construction with no sealed liquid.
  • Standard functions
    ●Damping ●Loop check function ●FIX zero
    ●Quick zero-adjustment ●Maximum/Minimum monitoring function
    ●Various functions such as output burnout at error.
Measured medium Liquor, milk beverage, seasoning, pure water, chemical or other media.
(These vary according to sensor materials)
Pressure type Measurement at positive pressure, compound pressure, and negative pressure is possible.
Pressure range Can be specified within the range of 50 kPa to 3 MPa of rated capacity.
Output type 4–20mA (2-wire) Output scaling variable
Output scaling can be changed within the range of 10 to 100% (Ferrule 15A: 30 to 100%) of the rated capacity.

Specifications1(Sensor assembly)

Pressure Port Type/Size ISO Ferrule / VARIVENT® / ISO Cap-nut / Other custom
Rated capacity 50kPa–3MPa (Ferrule 15A: 1MPa)
Pressure Port Materal Sensor: SUS316L, Equivalent to Hastelloy C-276, SUS329J4L
Wetted part surface finish Depending on pressure port material
Overload limit 400%R.C. (Ferrule 15A, Rated capacity 3MPa: 150%R.C.)
Destruction point 1000%R.C. (Ferrule 15A,Rated capacity 3MPa: 150%R.C.)

Specifications2 (Amplifier part + Sensor assembly)

Accuracy at room temperature(*1)
(Including Nonlinearity, Hysteresis, and repeatability)
Scaling in 10–20%R.C.: ±1%F.S.±1digit.
Ferrule 15A 40–100%: ±1%F.S.±1digit.
Ferrule 15A 30–40%: ±2%F.S.±1digit.
Temperature compensation range (Wetted part) −5–150°C (Measurement pressure medium)
Safe temperature range (Wetted part) −5–150°C (Measurement pressure medium)
Temperature effect on zero balance ±0.5%R.C./10°C or less
Ferrule 15A: ±0.7%R.C./10°C or less
Temperature effect on load ±0.5%R.C./10°C or less
Ferrule 15A: ±0.7%R.C./10°C or less
Ambient temperature and humidity range Temperature: 0–50°C (Amplifier part, Display part)
Humidity: 0–90%RH (No condensation)
Material Aluminum die casting(Case)
SUS304(Radiating fin)
IP Rating Equivalent to IP67
Mass Approx. 1100g(Including Sensor assembly/ISO Ferrule2S)
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy, Test report, Cable gland
Waterproofing protective plug for exhaust
  • (*1)For the ferrule type, zero adjustment is to be made after the clamp is tightened.

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VHST High temperature type: Temperature range of wetted parts -5–150°C
2.Display/Analog output A6V 4–20mA(2-wire system) Output scaling variable
Response: Damping (Soft filter) Default 2 seconds (0.5Hz)
Display part inside: 7 segment 4digit LCD display Character height: Approx. 5.2 mm
3.Calibration(*3)   Positive pressure, Negative pressure ④Specify the rated capacity and unit.
*In case of negative pressure, put the calibration range value in parentheses.
  Compound pressure Compound pressure(Calibration range with plus/minus sign)(*2)
4.Rated capacity   005 50kPa Calibration range [50.0kPa]
  010 100kPa Calibration range [100.0kPa]
  020 200kPa Calibration range [200kPa]
Compound pressure: Positve pressure-oriented[(-100–200)kPa](*2)
  021 200kPa Calibration range [(-100–200)kPa](*2)
(Compound pressure: Negative pressure-oriented)
  030 300kPa Calibration range [300kPa]
Compound pressure: Positve pressure-oriented[(-100–300)kPa](*2)
  031 300kPa Calibration range [(-100–300)kPa](*2)
(Compound pressure: Negative pressure-oriented)
  050 500kPa Calibration range [500kPa]
  100 1000kPa Calibration range [1000kPa]
  300 3MPaCalibration range [3.00MPa] (Made-to-order)
(Safe overload 150%R.C. / Box nut, Screw mount type / SUS316L only)
5.Pressure Port
  F0(*4) Ferrule 15A
④Only rated capacity 100 can be selected
⑥Only wetted material J4L can be selected
Positive pressure only
  F1 ISO Ferrule 1.5S
  F2 ISO Ferrule 2S
  F3 ISO Ferrule 2.5S [Made-to-order]
  F4 ISO Ferrule 3S [Made-to-order]
  F6 ISO Ferrule 4S [Made-to-order]
  V50A VARIVENT® DN50 [Made-to-order]
  V65A VARIVENT® DN65 [Made-to-order]
  V80A VARIVENT® DN80 [Made-to-order]
  V100A VARIVENT® DN100 [Made-to-order]
  R1 ISO Cap-nut 1.5S [Made-to-order]with Hexagon nut(HEX61)
  R2 ISO Cap-nut 2S [Made-to-order]with Hexagon nut(HEX76)
  M0 Single screw mount type Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached
  M1 with JIS20K50A flange Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached
  M2 with JIS20K80A flange Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached
6.Pressure port material   Blank SUS316L Electrolytic polish(Rz0.7µm, Ra0.2µm)
to all the rated apacity(④)
⑤Supports all pressure port type/size.(Excluding F0)
  HS1 Hastelloy C-276 Electrolytic polish(Rz0.7µm, Ra0.2µm)
④Select from the rated capacity of 030, 050, 100
⑤Select from the type and size of F1, F2, F3, M0
Negative pressure and compound pressure are not supported
  J4L(*5) SUS329J4L Buffing(#400)
④Select from the rated capacity of 030, 050, 100
⑤Select from the type and size of F0, F1, F2, F3, M0
7.Limitation   H 400%R.C.(3MPa and Ferrule 15A are not selectable)
  Blank 150%R.C.(3MPa and Ferrule 15A only)
8.Power supply   4 DC24V(DC8.82–26.5V)Current consumption Approx. 23mA
9.CE   Blank Without CE
  CE With CE
  • (*2)In case of calibration for compound pressure, calibration is performed only for the positive pressure, and only measurement data are given for the negative pressure. In this case, acceptance criterion is within ±1%R.C. When focusing on the negative pressure, it is also possible to perform calibration for the negative pressure and to provide only measurement data (within ±1%R.C.) according to the request from the customer.
    Regarding calibration, specify 020, 030 (focus on positive pressure) or 021, 031 (focus on negative pressure) in ④ above when placing an order.
  • (*3)Output range is factory-adjusted to the specified rate in the range 10 to 100%, with the calibration range set at 100%. (Option)
    <Example> When using a rated capacity of 100kPa and outputting analog signal of 4 to 20mA for the pressure of 0 to 70kPa, specify VSHT-SC1: Differential pressure 0 to 70kPa.
  • (*4)Please also check the Ferrule 15A specifications.
  • (*5)In case of Ferrule 15A: Electro polish (Rz0.7µm, Ra0.2µm)

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

*Click here for presure port type and size.

External dimensions

Perform venting with the included waterproof plug for exhaust port.
Always install it when using the product and make sure the vent hole is not blocked.
(See instruction manual for details.)

According to the use environment, exchange the cable gland and the waterproof plug with each other.
They are removable.
Recommended tightening torque: 2.2–3.0N·m, Spanner (width across flats): HEX.27

Precautions for Wiring Work

  • Use shielded cable not longer than 10 m.
  • To minimize the risk of electric shock or fire, always shut off power before starting wiring work.
  • Either cable inlet hole may be used to route through the cable.
  • This product is IP67 rated. To maintain the IP67 rating, use the cable gland and waterproof plug for exhaust port.
  • Waterproof plug for exhaust port is used for venting at the opposite cable inlet hole. Be sure to install it and make sure the vent hole is not blocked.
  • To prevent the effect of noise, it is recommended to ground the FG terminal. However, grounding can cause noise depending on the use environment. In such a case, leave the FG terminal ungrounded.
  • When routing the cable, hang it down once to a position lower than the cable inlet port as shown below.
Precautions for Wiring Work

Safe load resistance

Maximum allowable load resistance is 690Ω at 24V DC.
Relationship between the supply voltage and the load resistance is shown in the below graph.

Safe load resistance

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