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Privacy Policy

VALCOM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as VALCOM) recognizes the importance of personal information and thoroughly protects the information in order to obtain trust and satisfaction from customers. As a part of this, VALCOM shall comply with the laws and regulations related to personal information and make the following efforts.

  • For providing better services, VALCOM may collect personal information from customers to the necessary extent, via questionnaires, e-mail services, or mail order. When collecting personal information, the purpose shall be limited as narrowly as possible. Personal information shall be collected only by legal and fair means. VALCOM shall obtain consent from customers before collecting their personal information from persons other than customers.
  • VALCOM shall designate a person to be responsible for managing the personal information of customers, in order to appropriately use and handle such information, as well as to prevent leakage or outflow of them. In addition, VALCOM shall take appropriate and reasonable safety measures to protect the personal information of customers against the risks of unauthorized access, loss, damage or falsification.
  • VALCOM shall only use the collected personal information for purposes which are reasonably appropriate in the circumstances and which fulfill the purposes for which the personal information was collected, with due care not to encroach customers' rights.
  • To the customers provided their personal information, VALCOM may send information that attract their interest by e-mail or other means. If you do not wish to receive such mails from us, please let us know. VALCOM will stop sending such information to you.
  • VACOM shall not disclose or provide any personal information of the customers to any third parties except for the following cases where: approved by customers in advance, business activities are consigned, or there is any other good reason.
  • If you wish to inquire, correct or delete the personal information of your own, please contact the person in charge, we will take appropriate action to meet your request.
  • VACOM shall make efforts to ensure and improve security in order to manage personal information safely.
  • VACOM shall comply with laws, regulations and other rules related to personal information, and continue to improve the efforts to protect personal information according to the environmental changes.