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Sanitary Pressure Sensor
Pressure port type/size

The sanitary sensor series offers the combination of a variety of pressure port shapes and sizes.

* Refer to Options for the specifications of ferrule clamps, gaskets and hexagon cap nuts and gaskets.

Material table of Pressure port

=SUS316L Electro polish (Rz0.7µm/Ra0.2µm), =Equivalent to Hastelloy C-276 Electro polish (Rz0.7µm/Ra0.2µm)
◎=SUS329J4L Buffing(#400)

Pressure port type Rated capacity
50kPa 100kPa 200kPa 300kPa 500kPa 1000kPa 3MPa
Ferrule 15A × × × × × ×
ISO Ferrule 1.5S ●○◎ ●○◎ ●○◎ ×
ISO Ferrule 2S ●○◎ ●○◎ ●○◎ ×
ISO Ferrule 2.5S ●○◎ ●○◎ ●○◎ ×
ISO Ferrule 3S ×
ISO Ferrule 4S ×
ISO Cap-nut 1.5S
ISO Cap-nut 2S
Screw mount ●○◎ ●○◎ ●○◎
Ferrule 15A: Electro polish(Rz0.7µm/Ra0.2µm), Overload limit 150%R.C., Destruction point 300%R.C.
3MPa: Overload limit 150%R.C., Destruction point 300%R.C. / Other: Overload limit 400%R.C., Destruction point%R.C.

Pressure port ferrule 15A

* Click here for details

Pressure port Ferrule 15A
Nominal diameter 15A
Rated capacity 1MPa(Overload limit 150%R.C.)
Pressure port material SUS329J4L(Electro polish Rz0.7µm)
Accuracy(*1) HSSC, VHS: ±1%R.C.±1digit
Display/Analog output(*2) HSSC-A6V(B), VHST:
40–100%R.C. scalling: ±1%F.S. or less
30–40%R.C. scalling: ±2%F.S. or less
Amplifier connection Sensor directly connected on bottom only
Display/Calibration Positive pressure only
Ohter Temperature characteristics of zero point and power: ±0.7%R.C. / 10°C or below
  • (*1) Including Nonlinearity, Hysteresis, and repeatability
  • (*2) Perform zero adjustment after tightening the clamp.

Pressure port ISO ferrule type [Use of 3K clamp is recommended.]

Pressure port ISO Ferrule Type
Nominal diameter Rated capacity A B C Mass
1.5S 50–200kPa 50.5 43.5 2.4 Approx. 200g
300kPa–1MPa 50.5 43.5 3.5 Approx. 200g
2S 50–200kPa 64 56.5 2.4 Approx. 270g
300kPa–1MPa 64 56.5 3.5 Approx. 270g
2.5S 50–200kPa 77.5 70.5 2.4 Approx. 270g
300kPa–1MPa 77.5 70.5 3.5 Approx. 270g
3S 50–200kPa 91 83.5 2.4 Approx. 950g
300kPa–1MPa 91 83.5 3.5 Approx. 950g
4S 50–200kPa 119 110 2.4 Approx. 1250g
300kPa–1MPa 119 110 3.5 Approx. 1250g

Pressure port ISO cap-nut type

Pressure port ISO Cap-nut type
Nominal diameter Rated capacity A B C D Mass
1.5S 50–200kPa HEX.61 47 42.5 2.4 Approx. 170g
300kPa–3MPa HEX.61 47 42.5 3.5 Approx. 170g
2S 50–200kPa HEX.76 60.5 56.2 2.4 Approx. 300g
300kPa–3MPa HEX.76 60.5 56.2 3.5 Approx. 300g
  • * Note that the shape of radiating fins of 1.5S cap nut type differs from that in the drawing.

Pressure port VARIVENT®® type

Pressure port VARIVENT® type
Nominal diameter Rated capacity A B C D Mass
V50A 50kPa–1MPa φ56 φ67.95 φ71 φ84 Approx. 550g
V65A Made-to-order φ89.4 φ94.9 φ97.8 φ115 Approx. 1240g
V80A Made-to-order φ89.4 φ94.9 φ97.8 φ115 Approx. 1240g
V100A Made-to-order φ117.4 φ122.9 φ125.8 φ142 Approx. 2060g

Pressure port screw mount(flange) type

Pressure port screw mount(flange) type
Rated capacity A Weight
50–200kPa 2.4 Approx. 65g
300kPa–3MPa 3.5 Approx. 65g
  • *Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached(Kalrez® Material: 6230)

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