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Sanitary Digital Pressure Meter(2-wire type)
HSSC-A6 series

* The photo shows a ferrule 2S type

  • Digital pressure meter with large high-brightness LED thanks to 2-wire transmission system.
  • Constructed with stainless steel in view of environmental resistance.
  • Pressure port with higher strength.
  • Safe and reliable construction with no sealed liquid.
Measured medium Liquor, milk beverage, seasoning, pure water, chemical or other media.(These vary according to sensor materials)
Pressure type Measurement at positive pressure, compound pressure, and negative pressure is possible.
Pressure range Can be specified within the range of 50 kPa to 3 MPa (Calibration:25kPa to 3MPa) of rated capacity.
Specify more than 50% of rated capacity as the calibration range.
Output type 4–20mA(2-wire)

Specifications1 (Sensor assembly)

Pressure Port Type/Size ISO Ferrule/VARIVENT®/ISO Cap-nut/Screw mount/Other custom
Rated capacity 50kPa–3MPa(Ferrule 15A: 1MPa)
Pressure Port material SUS316L, Equivalent to Hastelloy C-276, SUS329J4L
Wetted part surface finish Depending on pressure port material
Overload limit 400%R.C.(Ferrule 15A, Rated capacity 3MPa: 150%R.C.)
Destruction point 1000%R.C.(Ferrule 15A, Rated capacity 3MPa: 300%R.C.)

Specifications2 (Amplifier part + Sensor assembly)

(Including Nonlinearity, Hysteresis, and repeatability)
±0.3%R.C.±1digit (Rated 300/500/1000kPa/3MPa)
±0.35%±R.C.±1digit (Rated 50/100/200kPa)
*Negative pressure: ±1%R.C. or less
Ferrule 15A: ±1%R.C.±1digit.
Temperature compensation range (Wetted part) High temperature: -5–150°C
Safe temperature range(Wetted part) High temperature: -5–150°C
Temperature effect on zero balance ±0.5%R.C./10°C(Rated 300/500/1000kPa/3MPa)
±0.7%R.C./10°C(Rated 50/100/200kPa)
Ferrule 15A: ±0.7%R.C./10°C
Temperature effect on load ±0.5%R.C./10°C(Rated 300/500/1000kPa/3MPa)
±0.7%R.C./10°C(Rated 50/100/200kPa)
Ferrule 15A: ±0.7%R.C./10°C
Ambient temperature and humidity range Temperature: 0–50°C(No freezing), Humidity: 0–90%RH(No condensation)
Material SUS304(Case), SUS304(Radiating fin)
IP Rating Equivalent to IP65
Mass Approx. 700g
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report 1 copy
1 Hex-nut(Cap-nut type only)
  • (*1)For the ferrule type, zero adjustment is to be made after the clamp is tightened.

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model HSSC High temperature type: Temperature range of wetted parts -5–150°C Stainless steel case
2.Display/Analog output A6 1999 3 ½digit. Red LED Character height: Approx. 14.2mm
Display conversion rate: Fixed at approx. 2.5 times per second
4–20mA(2-wire) Respose 500Hz Safe load resistance 400Ω or less
3.Sensor connection AS Sensor directly connected on bottom(Flangeless)
4.Display angle   None Display angle Front side, upward
  (3) Display angle Front side, rightward
  (6) Display angle Front side, downward
  (9) Display angle Front side, leftward
5.Display/Calibration - - Example of calibration range
  Positive pressure Rated capacity
1000kPa: 1.000MPa
Specify the values and units of display/calibration ranges
  Negative pressure Rated capacity
200kPa: -100.0kPa
In case of negative pressure, put the calibration range value in parentheses.(*2)
  Compound pressure Rated capacity
300kPa: -100–300kPa
Put the output calibration range value and unit in parentheses.(*2)(*3)
6.Rated capacity   005 50kPa
  010 100kPa
  020 200kPa(*3)
  021 200kPa(*3)
(Specify this model at calibration for compound pressure if "focus on negative pressure" has been selected.)
  030 300kPa(*3)
  031 300kPa(*3)
(Specify this model at calibration for compound pressure if "focus on negative pressure" has been selected.)
  050 500kPa
  100 1000kPa
  300 3MPa[Display/Calibration: 3.00MPa]
7.Pressure port type/size   F0(*4) Ferrule 15A
⑥Only rated capacity 100 can be selected
⑧Only wetted material J4L can be selected
Positive pressure only
  F1 Ferrule 1.5S
  F2 Ferrule 2S
  F3 Ferrule 2.5S [Made-to-order]
  F4 Ferrule 3S [Made-to-order]
  F6 Ferrule 4S [Made-to-order]
  V50A VARIVENT® DN50 [Made-to-order]
  V65A VARIVENT® DN65 [Made-to-order]
  V80A VARIVENT® DN80 [Made-to-order]
  V100A VARIVENT® DN100 [Made-to-order]
  R1 Cap-nut 1.5S [Made-to-order]with Hexagon nut
  R2 Cap-nut 2S [Made-to-order]with Hexagon nut
  M0 Single screw mount type Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached
  M1 With JIS20K50A flange Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached
  M2 With JIS20K80A flange Dedicated O-ring 1 pc attached
8.Pressure port material   Blank SUS316L Electro polish(Rz0.7µm, Ra0.2µm)
to all the rated apacity(⑥)
⑦to all the Pressure Port Type/Size
  HS1 Equivalent to Hastelloy C-276 Electro polish(Rz0.7µm, Ra0.2µm)
⑥Select from the rated capacity of 030/050/100/300
⑦Select from the Pressure Port Type/Size of F1/F2/F3/M0
  J4L(*5) SUS329J4L Buffing(#400)
⑥Select from the rated capacity of 030/050/100/300
⑦Select from the Pressure Port Type/Size of F0/ F1/F2/F3/M0
9.Limitation   H 400%R.C.(3MPa and Ferrule 15A are not selectable)
  Blank 150%R.C.(3MPa and Ferrule 15A only)
10.Cable connection   D DIN connector
  Blank Cable 2m
11.Power supply 4 DC24V(±10%)
  • (*2) Basically the calibration range is within the rated capacity, but other requirements are possible, as long as the range is 50% or more than the rating of the sensor used.
    Specify the display range between −200 and 200 digits for the 4 mA side and between 100 and 1999 digits for the 20 mA side.
  • (*3) In case of calibration for compound pressure, calibration is performed only for the positive pressure, and only measurement data are given for the negative pressure. In this case, acceptance criterion is within ±1%R.C. When focusing on the negative pressure, it is also possible to perform calibration for the negative pressure and to provide only measurement data (within ±1%R.C.) according to the request from the customer.
    Regarding calibration, specify 020, 030 (focus on positive pressure) or 021, 031 (focus on negative pressure) in ⑥ above when placing an order.
  • (*4) Please also check the Ferrule 15A specifications.
  • (*5) In case of Ferrule 15A: Electro polish (Rz0.7µm, Ra0.2µm)

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

Display angle

Display angle

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