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Extruder for rubber Pressure Transducer
VTRF series
10MPa, 35MPa


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  • Wetted part is flush type (no feed port).
  • Wetted part constructed integral with diaphragm does not use any sealed liquid, offering durability, reliability and long life.
  • Easy to install by just routing the cable
Measured medium Water, oil, gases or other media that will not corrode SUS630.
Pressure Type Positive pressure can be measured.
Rated capacity Rated capacity: 10MPa, 35MPa


Rated Output (R.O.) 0.5–1.5mV/V
Non Linearity ±1%R.C.
Hysteresis ±1%R.C.
Excitation; Recommended 5V
Excitation; Maximum 10V or less
Input Terminal Resistance 350±10Ω
Output Terminal Resistance 350±10Ω
Insulation Resistance 100MΩor more (DC50V)
Compensated Temperature Range
(Temperature of medium to be measured)
Safe Temperature Range
(Temperature of medium to be measured)
Safe Overload Rating 150%R.C.
Stem Length Supports 75, 152, 228, 300, 520mm
Connection G1/2-20UNF-2A
Fastening Torque; Recommended 10–20N·m
Fastening Torque; Maximum 30N·m
Cable φ5.4-core shielded cable
Weight Approx. 200g (Cable not included) *152L
Accessories Test report (1 copy)

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VTRF Extruder for rubber Pressure Transducer
2.Rated Capacity (R.C.)   10MP 10MPa
  35MP 35MPa
3.Stem Length   75L 75mm
  152L 152mm
  228L 228mm
  300L 300mm
  520L 520mm
4.Pressure Size 7.8A Pressure port φ7.8mm
5.Length(Cable)   S01 Pigtail 1m
  S02 Pigtail 2m
  S□□ Pigtail □□m

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions



Recommended amplifier

推Recommended amplifier VGM4Recommended amplifier F3

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