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Made-to-order (33t only)

Module Unit for VRTNC3
VRTN/M2LB series


*The load cell in the photo is a dummy.
*The load cell is not included.

Select a model in combination with
our amplifiers
  • Module dedicated to VRTNC3
  • Anti-vibration mechanism with a stay rod
  • Particularly good environmental resistance
  • Uplift prevention mechanism
  • Made of stainless steel (up to 22 t)


Safe overload rating 150%R.C.
Max.Permissible Loading of the Horizontal Stops Trans-verse to Stay Rod Axis 10%R.C.
Restoring Force, for 1mm Side Offset of Applied Load
(Percentage of the applied load)
16.5%R.C. (1–4.7t)
13%R.C. (10–22t)
8.2%R.C. (33t)
Max.Permissible Side Offset Transverse to Stay Rod Axis 1.5mm (1–2.2t), 1.3mm (4.7t)
2mm (10–22t)
3.5mm (33t)
Max.Permissible Lifting Force 20kN (1–4.7t)
50kN (10–33t)
Maximum Permissible Horizontal Force in Direction of the Stay Rod 10kN (1–4.7t)
30kN (10–22t)
50kN (33t)
Minimum Lifting Height to Install the Load Cell 10mm
Height Adjustment 5mm

Model selection

Selection Model Rated capacity A B C D E F G H I J K Weight
(for 1, 2.2, 4.7t)
1ton(9.807kN) - 230 100 100 20 111+4-1 160 100 8 25 15 Approx. 9.5kg
  2.2ton (21.57kN)
  4.7ton (46.09kN)
(for 10, 15, 22t)
10ton(98.07kN) 148 310 130 140 20 151+4-1 200 140 10 25 18 Approx. 20kg
  15ton (147.1kN)
  22ton (215.7kN)
(for 33t)
33ton (323.6kN) 188 420 155 200 26 193+4-1 280 200 12 35 22 Approx. 45kg
  • *Weight includes cable.

This product is a module dedicated to the VRTNC3 load cell.

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions
External dimensions
External dimensions

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