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Spec Change & Discontinued Models

Spec Change

Change of material
We are pleased to announce that the material SUS630 (vacuum melting material) used in our long seller "strain gauge series" is changed to a material that has been widely used in aerospace industry and can be procured stably in future as described below.

Models concerned
Pressure Transmitter VPRT(F), VPRQ(F), VPVT(F), VPVQ(F), VPRF
Pressure Sensor VPRT(F), VPVT(F), VPRQ(F), VPVQ(F), VPRF, VPRH

All ranges of models listed above


(1) Before change:SUS630(Vacuum melting material used)
(2) After change:15-5PH(Vacuum melting material used)

15-5PH is a variant of SUS630 with improved mechanical characteristics. Although 15-5PH is a precipitation-hardened stainless steel outside the scope of JIS standard, it is controlled under the Aerospace Material Specifications: AMS5659. Therefore its control level is the same or better than that of JIS.


15-5PH is classified into precipitation-hardened stainless steel in terms of tensile strength, substances of concern, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it has characteristics equivalent to those of conventional SUS630 (Vacuum melting material).

3.Accuracy and performance

Accuracy and performance such as non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature characteristics and durability are the same as those of conventional material.

4.When to change

Please note that, since October 2011, the new material has been introduced to each model as a running change, as soon as the current stock runs out.

Even after the material is changed, the new products can be used as safely and reliably as the conventional models.
We ask for your kind understanding.

Spec change for VALCOLOR(Digital panel meter)

I guide as below so that we can change specifications VALCOLOR.
* Will add / change the input range.

Model the current input signal  N : Select 4~20mA / 0~5V / 1~5V / 0~10V
Model input signal after the change  N : Select 4~20mA / 0~5V / 1~5V
A5: Select 0~10V / 4~20mA
Time change June 2012 start

Discontinued Models

The following models were discontinued at the end of December 2011.

Discontinued Models
Pressure Transmitter VSR3(G3), VTTV, VPKL
Digital Panel Meter C3, C6, C4/C5, C8/C9, CF
Digital Pressure Meter with Directly Connected Sensor VSS-32
Pressure Switch Waterproof terminal box T type, Multipurpose type,
S type, MC type, Presetter PPS-2
Pressure Sensor VPMR(G), VPKL, VFS
Load Cell VC2AC3, VS2, VS40A, VLC-H229
Strain Gauge Amplifier C3, C6, C4/C5, C8/C9, CF, VGM3

*VALCOLOR Digital panel meters / strain gauge amplifiersVALVOLORC3, C6, C4/C5, C8/C9 and CF have been respectively switched to F3, F6, F4/F5, F8/F9 and FF (under development).

*Load Cell VS2 have been respectively switched to VS2M and VS40A have been respectively switched to VS40AC3 , VLC-H229 have been respectively switched to VLC-H400.

Discontinued sensors (Part of the rated capacity)

1.2015/03/16 Discontinued Models (Products)

VSW2 series
(Minute-Low-Absolute pressure) / (2 points of contact high capacity output for Minute-Low-Absolute pressure)

Model Rated capacity NOtes
M015KPG 15kPa Dedicated to inert gases
M035KPG 35kPa
M050KPG 50kPa
M100KPG 100kPa
M200KPG 200kPa
M300KPG 350kPa

* Rated capacity 5kPa: Available upon order.

Model Rated capacity Notes
- - Without correspondence range
H050KPG 50kPa Pressure port:
H100KPG 100kPa
H200KPG 200kPa
H500KPG 500kPa

* Rated capacity 15kPa: No substitute

2.2015/06~ Discontinued Models (Products)

(1) Pressure Transmitter VSR3·VSG3 series

Model Notes
VSR3·VSG3 series Dedicated to inert gases
Model Notes
* Further details will be announced later.
VHR3·VHG3 series Pressure port:

(2) Minute-Low Pressure Transducer VPMR·VPMG series

Model Notes
VPMR·VPMG series Dedicated to inert gases
Model Notes
* Further details will be announced separately.
VHR3・VHG3 series Pressure port: