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Analog/BCD Output type Amplifier with Round Digital(Pressure/Load) Display
VPC series Sensor separate type Analog/BCD output

* Actual products may differ from photo depending on specifications.

Use in combination with pressure sensors or load cells.

  • 5 analog outputs and 3 BCD outputs can be selected and used together.
  • VPC and sensor are calibrated as a pair, including the sensor cable length, and constitute a high-accuracy digital pressure meter.
  • Fast response analog output without microcomputer is available that is suitable to fluid pressure measurement.
Can be combined with sensors Can be combined with all models of pressure sensors and load cells.
Sensor specifications Refer to the pages of pressure sensors and load cells.
Calibration of amplifier and sensor VPC amplifiers and pressure sensors or load cells have been calibrated as a pair.
Amplifiers and sensors have been calibrated as a pair under the same serial number.


Display 1999 3 1/2digits High brightness red LED (character height of approx. 15mm)
Display conversion speed 3 times/sec (Standard) Specify 1–15 times/sec.
Accuracy ±0.05%F.S.±1digit
Operating temperature range 0–55°C (No freezing)
Operating humidity range 0–90%RH (No condensation)
External dimensions φ104×56 (D: Protrusions not included)
Weight Approx. 650g (Varies with specification)
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report 1 copy (*1)

Model Selection


Pressure Sensor or Load Cell Selection

Click here for the specifications of pressure sensors, and click here for the loads cells
Specify the applicable models.
[e.g.] VPC-A3B20-P-D-(±10.00kPa)-4/VPMR015 (3m cable included)

Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VPC Analog/BCD Output type Amplifier with Round Digital (Pressure/Load) Display
2.Analog output
*Analog output and BCD output can be used together.
- - Output type Response frequency Load resistance
  D Display only
(no output)
When D is selected, analog output and BCD output are not available. -
  A1 1mV/digit
(±1999mV max.)
1.2kHz This value has been calculated as response frequency (= 1/2T (Hz)) based on the measured step response (0–100%) and rise time (T) with the sensor bridge resistance of 350Ω. Response frequency is determined by the sensor to be used. Consult with us when focusing on response. 10kΩ or more
  A2 1–5V
  A3 4–20mA 333Hz 250Ω or less
  A4 0–5V 1.2kHz 10kΩ or more
  A5 0–10V
3.BCD output
*Analog output and BCD output can be used together.
- - Output type Response frequency Load resistance
  Blank None - -
  B1 BCD TTL (Positive) Synchronized with the display conversion rate. ±3mA
  B2 Discontinued
BCD TTL (Negative)
  B1O BCD Open collector
(Signal output Tr OFF)
35V 25mA
  B2O BCD Open collector
(Signal output Tr ON)
4.Load type   Blank Need not be specified when combining with a pressure sensor
  PS To be specified only when combining with a load cell. Compression
  PL Tension
  PSL Compression and tension
*Add a "±" sign to the display range when using for tensile/compression load.
5.Panel Mounting Parts P Available
6.Casing type D Separate
7.Calibration     Example of calibration range Pressure:
1.000MPa (0–1.000)MPa
500kPa (0–500)kPa
±100.0kPa (-100.0–100.0)kPa
20.0kN (0–20.0)kN
100.0kN (0–100.0)kN
±1.00kN (-1.00–1.00)kN
8.Cable Connection   Blank Specify the type of the connector for the pressure sensor to be combined. Standard connector  
  W Waterproof connector  
  S Pigtail  
9.Peak Hold   Blank Without Peak Hold
  P With Peak Hold (*2)
10.Power [Power consumption]   1 AC100V [5VA] When specifying AC power, a dedicated power converter "TUC" will be included. Click here for the specifications of power converters.
  11 AC110V [5VA]
  2 AC200V [5VA]
  22 AC220V [5VA]
  3 DC±12V [200mA]
  4 DC24V [100mA]
  5 DC12V [200mA]*Not available when analog output is A5
  • *2 Peak hold can be selected only under the following conditions.
    Neither analog output nor BCD output can be set. 4 24V DC and 5 12V DC cannot be selected as power.

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

Output Specifications

Output Specifications

Power Specifications

Power Specifications

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