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Dedicated converter unit
Power Converter series

* Actual products may differ from photo depending on specifications.

  • Dedicated converter unit that converts AC current into DC current with less noises, and supplies it to the amplifiers with round/square digital display.
  • From single sensor connection to multiple sensor connection up to 15 units available.
  • Can be made to order according to your specification.

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model   TUP for VPJ
2.Input Power Supply (PRI)   AC100V AC100V (±10%) 50/60Hz
  AC200V AC200V (±10%) 50/60Hz
  AC110V AC110V (±10%) 50/60Hz
  AC220V AC220V (±10%) 50/60Hz
3.Output (SEC)   4 Selected TUP:DC24V
4.Available Number of Amplifiers   1 For single: 1 N (Can be connected to one pressure transmitter.)
  2 For 2 amplifiers: 2 N
  □□ For 3–15 amplifiers:   N

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions
External dimensions

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