Pressure Transmitter

Pressure TransmitterHigh Vacuum Pressure Transmitter

VCCP series

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Measurement of the high vacuum area is possible.
0~1500Pa(abs), 0~5kPa(abs) and 0~10kPa(abs)
High leak performance
Maximum allowable pressure (400kPa)

Measured medium Water, oil, gases or other media that will not corrode Ceramic + SUS316L + O-ring.
Pressure type Compound pressure can be measured.
Measured Range Can be specified within the range of 1500Pa(abs), 5kPa(abs) and 10kPa(abs) of calibration.
Output type Specify among 2 to 20mA(4 wire system), 1 to 5V

External dimensions(Unit:mm)

External dimensions

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