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Disclaimer and Precautions
  1. VALCOM warrants this product against defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery. If the product fails during this warranty period due to any reasons attributed to VALCOM, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. However, note that failure of the product due to any of the following will not be covered by this warranty:
    (1)Improper handling or use by the customer (including installation or use without following the instruction manual of this equipment)
    (2)Unauthorized disassembly by the customer
    (3)Modification or repair by anyone other than VALCOM
    (4)Natural disasters, calamities, riots, disturbance or any other circumstances over which VALCOM has no control.
    Please note that the warranty mentioned here means the warranty for the individual product that is delivered. Therefore, VALCOM
  2. This product is not intended for use with the components or systems that are used in situations where human lives are involved.
  3. The contents described herein are subject to change without prior notice.
Precautions for Use
  1. Do not damage or forcibly bend the power, sensor and I/O cables. Doing so can cause a short circuit which may further lead to ignition.
  2. Use the equipment only within the specified voltage range. Use outside of specified voltage range can result in fire, electric shock or equipment trouble.
  3. Do not modify or change the equipment and accessories in any way. Unauthorized modification can cause fire, electric shock or equipment trouble.
  4. ake care to route and connect the wiring properly. Improper wiring can cause poor contact, which may further lead to fire, electric shock or equipment trouble.
  5. Before installing the sensor, confirm the manual for proper installation. Improper installation can affect the zero point.
  6. Use the equipment in places that satisfy the environmental requirements described in the instruction manual. Use in severe condition can affect the measuring accuracy of the sensor or cause trouble.
  7. If measured values fluctuate or different values are shown rather than constant values, influence of noise is likely. Always keep the sensor-mounting part away from the noise source.
  8. Always check the medium to be measured so that foreign matter will not be stuck to the pressure receiver of the sensor. Otherwise, the measuring accuracy of the sensor may be affected, or trouble may occur.
  9. Install the sensors in places free from strong vibrations. Vibrations can cause equipment trouble.
  10. When applying pressure, avoid any operations or settings that can cause excessive pressure. Otherwise, the pressure receiver of the sensor may be damaged.