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G1/4 Flush type Pressure Transmitter
Intrinsically safe explosion-proof (Approval)

  • Pressure sensor [Intrinsically safe explosion-proof (Approval)]
    Model: VFM or VFM combined with MLT661 explosion-proof display

Recommended barriers

Manufacture name Cooper Industries Japan K.K.
(Former: MTL Instruments)
Type Zener-barrier Insulation barrier Insulation barrier + Explosion-proof indicator
Product name (Model) MTL7787 + MTL5541 MTL5541+MTL661
Explosion-proof structure rating Exia Ⅱ CT4 Exia Ⅱ CT4 -

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof construction

Items Contents
Model name VFM-A6-□□MP
Main body of sensor + Indicator + Safety barrier(Barrier)
Explosion-proof structure type Intrinsic safety explosion-proof structure (ia)
Ignition temperature or
explosion class of
target gas or steam
Rating Circuit: Allowable voltage 28V, Allowable current 93mA, Allowable electric power 0.65W
Inside inductance: 0.021mH
Inside capacitance: 0.061µF
Measurement pressure: Main body of sensor rating capacity
Ambient temperature: 60°C
Explosion-proof structure type No. TC19229
Rated capacity 5MPa: No. TC18814



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