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Discontinued Successor model: VDP4N

Minute Differential Pressure Transmitter
VDP4 series

  • Enables differential pressure measurement from 1.25 kPa (up to 105 kPa)
  • Compact and easy-to-mount.
Measured medium Dedicated to inert gases (noncorrosive gases) such as air, nitrogen, argon, etc.
Pressure Type Positive, compound and negative pressures can be measured.
Measured Range Can be specified within the range of 2.5 kPa to 105 kPa (Calibration: 1.25 to 105kPa) of rated capacity.
Specify more than 50% of rated capacity as the calibration range.
Output type 4–20mA (2 wire system)


Non Linearity ±0.5%R.C. (2.5kPa: ±1%R.C.)
Hysteresis ±0.1%R.C. (2.5kPa: ±0.2%R.C.)
Compensated temperature range (Temperature of medium to be measured) 0–50°C (No condensation or freezing)
Safe temperature range (Temperature of medium to be measured) −20–85°C (2.5kPa: -30–85°C) (No condensation or freezing)
Temperature effect on zero balance ±1%R.C./0–50°C (2.5kPa: ±3%R.C./0–50°C)(*1)
Temperature Effect on Load ±1%R.C./0–50°C (2.5kPa: ±3%R.C./0–50°C)(*1)
Safe Temperature Range 200%R.C. (One-side pressure)
Ultimate Overload Rating 300%R.C. (One-side pressure)
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ or more (DC50V)
Pressure Port Material Aluminum 5052 (Pressure port: Semiconductor)
Connection Screw Rc1/8 Female screw
Line Pressure 490kPa or less (2.5kPa: 100kPa or less)
Power supply Selectable: 4DC24V (±10%), 5DC12V (±10%)
Weight Approx. 420g (Cable not included)
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report 1 copy
  • (*1)25°C as standard room temperature

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VDP4 Silicon diaphragm type Minute Differential Pressure Transmitter
*Connection screw: Rc1/8(2 port)
2.Analog output - - Output type Response frequency Safe load resistance Power Consumption
A6 4–20mA (2 wire system) 1kHz DC24V:500Ω or less
DC12V:150Ω or less
3.Calibration - - Rated capacity Example of calibration range
  See right table.
Enter the range in the   as it is.
2.5kPa 2.5kPa
7kPa 7kPa
14kPa 14kPa
35kPa 35kPa
70kPa 70kPa
105kPa 105kPa
4.Cable Connection T Waterproof terminal box type Equivalent to IP55
*Cable not included
5.Power supply   4 DC24V (±10%)
  5 DC12V (±10%)

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

*Refer to line connection here

External dimensions

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