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High Accurate Pressure Transmitter (4 to 20 mA) for Extremely High Pressure
P2VA2 series


Hottinger Brüel & Kjær GmbH (Germany)

  • Current output: 4 to 20 mA
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability and durability with no welded seams.
Measured medium Water, oil, gases or other media that will not corrode SUS.
Pressure Type Positive pressure can be measured.
Measured Range Rated capacity: 2000, 3000, 5000bar
Output type 4 to 20 mA (4 wire system)

Specification (Mechanical input characteristics)

Pressure type Absolute pressure
Accuracy Class 0.3%R.C.
Initial Value 0bar
Operating Range at Reference Temperature 0– Approx. 105%
Overload Limit at Reference Temperature 150%
Test Pressure 200% (5000bar:150%)
During Dynamic Loading Permissible Pressure 100%
Permissible Vibration Amplitude
(As per DIN50, 100)
Dead Volume 0.8cm³
Control Volume 1.5mm³
Materials of Measurement Media's Contact Part 1.4542 (Measurement body) 1.4301 (Seal)
  • * This is a made-to-order model. Contact our sales office for details.

Specification (Output characteristics)

Transducer Identification TEDS(*1)
Signal Span (Sensitivity) 4–20 (16)mA
Sensitivity Tolerance of Zero Signal (Factory) 2000,3000bar:<±0.016mA 5000bar:±0.032mA
Sensitivity Tolerance 2000,3000bar:<±0.016mA 5000bar:±0.032mA
Maximum Signal 21.6mA
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance (*2) 0.2%/10k
Temperature Effect on Load (*2) 0.2%/10k
(Start Setting) Characteristic Curve Deviation 0.3%
Repeatability (As per DIN1319) <±0.05%
Cut-off Frequency of Output Signal -3dB 4.5kHz
-1dB 2kHz
Burden (Minimum) 500Ω
  • (*1)Contact our sales office for details. Cannot be connected to VGMH and VGM4 series because of process input type.
  • (*2) Effect of temperature change per 10k within the rated range of bridge applied voltage (Percentage of measured value)

Specification (Supply voltage)

Reference Voltage DC24V
Rated Range of Bridge Applied Voltage 15–30V (*3)
Effect of the Supply Voltage (With change within 15–30 V) 0.02%
Max. Consumption current 50mA
Max. Power Consumption <2W
  • (*3)Allowable power loss is exceeded within the maximum operating temperature range and at the maximum applied voltage. Therefore, the maximum operating temperature is 70°C.

Specification (Ambient environment)

Reference Temperature +23°C
Rated Temperature Range 0–+70°C
Operating Temperature Range −20–+85°C
Storage Temperature Range −40–+85°C
Impact Resistance
(Test condition as per DIN IEC68)
Impact Acceleration 1000m/s²
Impact Duration 4ms
Impact Form Half sine wave
Vibration-proof (Test condition as per DIN IEC68) 150m/s²

Specification (Mechanical specification)

Measuring Ranges 2000, 3000, 5000bar
Pressure Connection 2000bar: G1/4 Male screw
3000,5000bar: M16×1.5 Famale screw
Seal 2000bar: Metal, Pressure port and 58° tapered cone seal (set on converter when mounting) *3000, 5000bar only
Transmitter Mounting 2000bar: Seal to be attached to pressure transmitter.
3000, 5000bar: Mount the pressure transmitter and high pressure screw connector directly.
Fastening Torque 2000bar: 30Nm
3000, 5000bar: 30–50Nm
Electrical Connection M12×1/5-pin Connector
Mounting Position Can be mounted in any orientation.
Dimensions Length
(Pressure connection part excluded)
70mm (5000bar: Approx. 80mm)
Maximum Diameter
Hexagon, Across Flats 24mm
Weight 2000bar: 150g
3000, 5000bar: 200g (Cable excluded)
IP Rating IP67
Accessories 1 pack of 58° tapered cone seal with lock spring (Measurement range: 2000 bar):Order number: 2-9278.0371(Included with 2000 bar model. Not included with 3000 and 5000 bar models)
Connection cable ×1, 5 m, female connector, oilproof (PUR) M12×1 Socket connector included (5-pin):Order number: 1-KAB166-5
Options (Order) (*4) Female screw G1/4(Transducer side), Male screw M20×1.5(Connection side): Order number: 1-Adapt-G1/4-M20
Female screw G1/4(Transducer side), Male screw G1/2(Connection side): Order number: 1-Adapt-G1/4-G1/2
1 pack of 58° tapered cone seal with lock spring (Measurement range: 2000 bar): Order number: 2-9278.0371
Connection cable ×1, 5 m, M12×1 Female socket connector included (5-pin): Order number: 3-3301.0185
Connection cable ×1, 20 m, M12×1 Female socket connector included (5-pin): Order number: 1-KAB166-20
  • * Connection part designed by customer
    ≥ 3000 bar: M16 × 1.5 internal thread. Example: Nova Swiss High-pressure screw connector M16×1.5/A relief hole is provided at the center of the hexagonal surface of the P2V pressure transmitter.
    ≤ 3000 bar: G/4 external thread (Lock spring and 58° tapered cone seal included in the products for this measurement range are used.)
    Line hole depth 17 mm to the bottom. Thread length at least 13.5 mm.
    Line hole size -4 mm sharp edge or maximum margin 0.5×45° -5 mm sharp edge.
  • (*4) Adapter for connecting the products of measurement range up to 3000 bar

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model P2 High Accurate Pressure Transmitter for Extremely High Pressure
2.Analog output VA2 4–20mA 4-wire
3.Calibration - - Rated capacity Example of calibration range
  2000 2000bar (0–2000) bar
  3000 3000bar (0–3000) bar
  5000 5000bar (0–5000) bar

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

Connection diagram

External dimensions

Mounting (Recommend)

External dimensions

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