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S type Load Cell (Overload Protection)
VS2M series

  • Overload protection mechanism included (Safe Load Limit: 1000%R.C.)
  • High accuracy and compact
  • For tensile and compressive loads


Rated output 2mV/V±0.25%
Nonlinearity ±0.02%R.C.
Hysteresis ±0.02%R.C.
Zero balance ±5%R.O.
Temperature effect on zero balance ±0.02%R.C./10°C
Temperature effect on load ±0.02%R.C./10°C
Relative sensitivity difference
in power compression / tension
Safe Load Level 150%R.C.
Safe Load Limit 1000%R.C.
Service Load 1000%R.C.
Allowable relative dynamic load 140%
Rated Temperature Range 10–45°C
Operating Temperature Range −10–70°C
Storage Temperature Range −10–85°C
Input terminal resistance 345Ω or more
Output terminal resistance 350Ω±50Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 5V or less
Safe excitation voltage 0.5–12V
Insulation resistance 2GΩ
Static Lateral Limit Force 100%R.C.
Weight (Including cable) 0.5kg (Approximation)
IP Rating Equivalent to IP67 (Note 1)
Cable 6-core Cable 6m
  • Creep 30min: ±0.02%R.C.
  • (Note 1) Sealing performance of the cable outlet may deteriorate due to the change of cable jacket over years.

Model selection

Selection Model Rated capacity Critical Torque Bending Moment Limit Deflection at R.C. Natural Frequency
of the Membrane
  VS2M-10N 10N 4N·m 6N·m 0.27mm 94.4Hz 0.5kg
  VS2M-20N 20N 8N·m 25N·m 0.21mm 146Hz
  VS2M-50N 50N 25N·m 34N·m 0.18mm 243Hz
  VS2M-100N 100N 28N·m 50N·m 0.15mm 358Hz
  VS2M-200N 200N 28N·m 71N·m 0.13mm 475Hz
  VSM2-500N 500N 28N·m 95N·m 0.12mm 582Hz
  VS2M-1000N 1000N 28N·m 125N·m 0.13mm 618Hz

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

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