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Single Point type Load Cell
VPW22C3 series

  • High accuracy
  • Good environmental resistance equivalent to IP67.


Rated output 1.9±0.1mV/V
Nonlinearity ±0.0166%R.C.
Hysteresis ±0.0166%R.C.
Zero balance ±0.1mV/V
Temperature effect on load 20–40°C:±0.0175%R.C./10°C
- 10–20°C:±0.0117%R.C./10°C
Safe overload rating 150%R.C.
Safe Side Load Level 300%R.C.
Permissible dynamic load 70%R.C.
Temperature compensation range −10–40°C (No condensation or freezing)
Safe temperature range −20–50°C (No condensation or freezing)
Input terminal resistance 300–500Ω
Output terminal resistance 300–500Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 5V
Excitation voltage range 1–12V
Insulation resistance 1GΩ
IP Rating Equivalent to IP67 (Note 1)
Cable φ5.4-6-core Shielded cable 3m
  • Creep 30min: ±0.0166%R.C. Eccentric error: ±0.0233%R.C.
  • (Note 1) Sealing performance of the cable outlet may deteriorate due to the change of cable jacket over years.

Model selection

Selection Model Rated capacity Maximum Load Area Temperature effect on zero balance Deflection at R.C. Weight
  VPW22C3-6kg 6kg (58.84N) 400×400mm ±0.0175%R.C. Approx. 0.15mm Approx. 0.5kg
  VPW22C3-10kg 10kg (98.07N) ±0.0140%R.C.
  VPW22C3-20kg 20kg (196.1N) ±0.0140%R.C.
  VPW22C3-30kg 30kg (294.2N) ±0.0093%R.C.
  • *Weight includes cable.

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

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