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Floor Scale type Load Cell (Waterproof)
VLTT series

  • Waterproof rating equivalent to IP×7
  • Waterproof, ultralow profile design of 31 mm in height.

Specifications(Load transmitter)

Safe overload rating 150%R.C.
Accuracy ±0.3%R.C. (Non Linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability included)以内
Analog output 4–20mA(External AMP-BOX)
Power supply [Current consumption] DC24V±10% [Approx. 50mA]
Load Resistance 500Ω or less (DC24V)
Temperature compensation range 0–50°C (No condensation or freezing)
Safe temperature range 0–60°C (No condensation or freezing)
Temperature Effect ±1%R.C./10°C
Cover Material SUS304
Base Plate Material SUS304
Cable PVC coated 3-core Shielded cable (White/Red/Black/Shield)
With 6-pin relay connector (TAJIMI) 1m

Model selection

Model Selection

Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VLTT Built-in Amplifier type (Accuracy: 0.3%)
2.Size/Rated capacity
  2 235 (100kg)
  3 250 (Can be selected between 100 and 200 kg.)
  4 300 (Can be selected between 100 and 200 kg.)
3.Analog output A3 4–20mA (External: AMP-BOX)
4.Rated capacity (*1)   100 100kg
  200 200kg
5.Rating   W Water proof
  WB Water proof (with Base plate)
6.Cable   Blank Cable 2m
  4 Cable 4m
7.AMP-BOX cable   S01 Cable extension 1m (Standard)
  S02 Cable extension 2m
  S03 Cable extension 3m
Cable extension 4–99m
8.Power supply 4 DC24V (±10%)
9.Data   N Examination result (3-point measurement)/(Standard)
  T Traceability documents
*Traceability documents breakdown
1: Traceability certificate,
2: Traceability system diagram,
3: Examination result(3-point measurement)
  • (*1) Note that some sizes may not be selected depending on the rated capacity.

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

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