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Digital Load Cell for Dynamic Weighing
FIT®/5 series


Hottinger Brüel & Kjær GmbH (Germany)

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  • All stainless steel hermetic seal
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Overload protection mechanism (Fracture load: 1000%)
  • Trigger functions (external / level trigger)
  • Parameter setting and dynamic quantitative analysis by PC software


  • Filling / mixing control functions
  • Limit switch × 4
  • Cable sold separately.

Specifications1(Load transmitter)

Model   FIT®/5...
Accuracy Class according to OIML R60   C3
Max. Capacity (Emax) kg 5 10
Min. Load Cell Verification Interval (Vmin) g 0.5 1
Min. Application Range for 3000d kg 1.5 3
Max. Platform Size mm 400×400
Max. Number of Load Cell Verification Intervals (nLC)   3,000
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity
(in Temperature Range 0°C–+40°C) (*1) (*2)
%(Sensitivity)/10k ±0.0250
Temperature Effect on Zero Signal (*2) % (Sensitivity)/10k ±0.0200
Relative Umkehrspanne (*1) (*2) % ±0.0166
Nonlinearity (*1) (*2) % ±0.0166
Creep (30min) % ±0.0166
Eccentric Loading Error acc. to OIML R76 % ±0.0233
Service Load
(Max. 120 mm Eccentricity)
% (Max. capacity) 150
Safe Load Limit
(Max. 120 mm Eccentricity)
% (Max. capacity) 1,000
Permissible Dyn. Load
(Max. 50 mm Eccentricity)
% (Max. capacity) 70
Deflection at Max. Capacity mm <0.2
Power supply:    
Supply Voltage UB1(DC) V +10–+30
Power Consumption W ≤2
Current consumption A 0.2
Resolution of Meas. Signal (1Hz Filter) Bit 20
Sampling speed
(Output format and baud rate)
1/s 4–1,200
Adjustable Cut-off Frequency of
the Digital Filters
Filteremode 0 Hz 200–0.25
Filteremode 1
(Response Time: 62–365ms)
Hz 18–2.5
Baud Rate Baud 1,200:2,400:4,800:9,600:
Max. Number of Bus Members   90
CANOpen   Standard CiA DS301
Baud Rate Baud 10,000–1,000,000
DeviceNet   Release 2.00DVA
Baud Rate Baud 125,000–500,000
Max. Cable Length
m ≤5,000 (10k Baud)
≤100 (500k Baud)
≤25 (1M Baud)
Diagnostic Channel,RS-485-2-wire,
RS-485 2-wire
(Option E)
Baud Rate Baud 38,400
Max. Cable Length/Max. Number of Bus Members m/ 500/90
Asynchronous Serial Interface
(Female Device Connector 1)
RS-485, 4-wire, Max. Cable Length m 500
RS-232C, Max. Cable Length m 15
Trigger Input
(Female Device Connector 1)
Permissible input voltage V 0–+12
Low-level V <1
High-level V >4
Input Resistance 10
Control inputs
(Option: Female Device Connector 2)
  Isolated reference potential GND2
Permissible input voltage V 0–+30
Low-level V <6
High-level V >10
Input Resistance >3
Control inputs
(Option: Female Device Connector 2)
  Isolated reference potential GND2
External Supply Voltage UB2 V +11–+30
Max. Current of One Output A <0.5
Accumulated Current of All Outputs A <1.0
High-level V <1
Temperature compensation range(BT) °C -10–+40
Safe temperature range(Btu) °C -10–+50
Storage Temperature Range(Bti) °C -25–+75
EMC-requirements   EN 45501, OIML R76
EN 61326-1, Tab. 4, equipment of class B
EN61326 A1, Tab. A1, equipment in industrial areas
Degree of Protection acc.to EN 60529   IP68
Connector   Fa.Lumberg, 8 pin, Female
Material:Housing   Stainless steel
Weight (Approx.) kg 2
  • (*1) The values can be exceeded in individual cases. The resulting errors of TKC,
    nonlinearity and hysteresis don't exceed the maximum permissi-ble errors of OIML R 60 with pLC = 1
  • (*2) All relative errors are related to the output signal at max. capacity.

Model selection

Model Selection

Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model FIT Digital Load Cell for Dynamic Weighing
2.Material:Housing 5 Hermetic seal stainless steel
3.Version   S Stangdard
  E Expansion
4.Interfaces   A RS-232
  B RS-485
  C CANOpen
  D DeviceNet
5.Accuracy class 3 C3
6.Cable length   0 Plug
  1 3m
  2 6m
  3 12m
7.Max. capacity   5KG 5kg
  10KG 10kg

Following types are also available at your request.

List of standard types

Housing Interfaces
RS-232 RS-485(4wire) CANOpen DeviceNet
5 - - 1-FIT/5SC30/10KG -

List of expansion (E) types All of the following types are provided with filling control function and limit switch as options.

Housing Interfaces
RS-232 RS-485 (4wire) CANOpen DeviceNet
5 1-FIT/5EA30/10KG 1-FIT/5EB30/5KG

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

Electrical connection

Electrical connection
Female device connector 1 Female device connector 2 (Option)
Pin No. RS-232 RS-485 CANOpen/DeviceNet Pin No.  
7 TxD TA CANH out 1 OUT1
3 RxD RA CANH in 2 OUT2
6 - TB CANL out 3 OUT3
5 - RB CANL in 4 OUT4
8 UB 1 UB 1 UB 1 5 UB 2
1 GND 1 GND 1 GND 1 6 GND 2
4 (*3) Diag.Ra/Ta or Trigger Diag.Ra/Ta or Trigger Diag.Ra/Ta or Trigger 7 IN 1
2 (*3) Diag.Rb/Tb Diag.Rb/Tb Diag.Rb/Tb 8 IN 2
  • (*3) The standard version (S) does not have a diagnostic channel. Pin 2 is not assigned, Pin 4 is trigger input.

Accessories(to be ordered separately)

Connection cable Materia:PUR, φ7±0.5mm, emale device connector / free ends

Cable length 3m
8-core Cable 1-KAB165-3*
  • *The cable is suitable only for experimental purposes for the structure of CANOpen and DeviceNet bus systems
    (the characteristic wave impe-dance does not correspond to the CANOpen specifications)

1-FIT-AED-DOC=PC softward AED panel(AED Panel32)

  • Documentation of mechanics and electronics
  • Documentation of command codes for the communication with the FIT/5
  • Software package for parameter setting and dynamic analysis of the weighing system

1-FIT-AED-KIT=Starter kit for CANOpen and DeviceNet

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