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Load Cell

    Accessories for load cell such as load feet are available. Accessories can be custom-built to your needs. Please feel free to contact us

Load foot for VHLC/200kg–2t

Load foot for VHLC / 200kg-2t

Load foot for VHLC/4.4t

Load foot for VHLC / 4.4t

Load foot for VZ6 /200kg max.

Load foot for VZ6 / 200kg max.

Elastomer belling for VHLC

Elastomer belling for VHLC
Selection Model Maximum
B φC   -0.1 L R φT X Y Z a e Maximum permission
lateral displacement
(below maximum capacity)
  VHLCB/1.76T/ZEL 110kg–1.76t 58.8 20 118 100 9 120 60 10 92 80 4.5mm
  VHLCB/4.4T/ZEL-2.2t 2.2t 71.2 30 152.4 125 11 150 100 10 113 100 8mm
  VHLCB/4.4T/ZEL-4.4t 4.4t 116

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