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φ104 Intelligent type Round Digital Pressure Meter
VSC series

* Actual products may differ from photo depending on specifications.

  • High-capacity mechanical contact relay adopted first in the industry.
  • Low-profile design with limited body depth.
  • Multifunctional type with a built-in microcomputer.
  • Free power supply: 90 to 240 V AC
  • Auto DZ function
Measured medium Air, gases, water, oil or other media that will not corrode 15-5PH (precipitation-hardened stainless steel).
Pressure type Positive pressures can be measured.
Pressure range Pressure sensor series for medium-to-high pressure up to 100 MPa are available. (See photos on the left for pressure sensors.)


Display 1000 Red LED (Character height:14.2mm)
Measuring Range Depends on the rated capacity of the selected sensor.
Display Range Depends on the range of the selected display (calibrate).
(Within 900 for VPRF [1 MPa] only)
Indication Accuracy ±0.1%F.S.±1digit (at 23±5°C)
*Total accuracy depends on the specifications of sensor.
Sampling speed 1–500 times/sec. (Modifiable)
Setting Operation Number of Output Channels 1 (Values can be set as desired.)
Comparison Condition Select from comparison logic [Hi/Low/H.INV/L.INV]. (Modifiable)
Comparison Setting Range −1999–1999
Differential Setting Range 0–999
Comparison Cycle Depends on the sampling rate.
Contact Output Mechanical relay output AC250V/8A(Resistive load)
Use Temperature Range 0–50°C (No freezing)
Use Humidity Range 35–85%RH (No condensation)
Power [Power Consumption] AC90–240V (Free) [6VA or less]
Functions Zero shift function, Tracking zero function,
Auto DZ function, Overrange warning(Blinks at the limit values of measurement.) etc.
Material Body ring cover: Aluminum die-casting
Front panel: Aluminium material
(Top sheet: Polyester film)
Input & Output Cable VCTF-4×0.75mm², 1m pigtail(Non-stranded wire)
Weight Approx. 500g (Cable not included)
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report 1 copy(*1)

Model Selection


Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VSC φ104 High-capacity mechanical contact relay Round Digital Pressure Meter
2.Casing type A Sensor directly connected on bottom
3.Analog output 0 None
4.Number of Setting Outputs 1S 1-point mechanical relay a contact output (AC250V/8A Resistive load)
5.Power   7 AC90–240V (Free)
6.Display/Calibration     Specify the range within the rated capacity of the applicable pressure sensor.(Within 50% of the rated capacity)
*Refer to Selection Table for Pressure Sensors for the rated capacity.
7.Cable Connection S Pigtail 1m
8.Sensor type   T VPRT or VPRTF Refer to "Selection Table" for details.
9.Rated Capacity(R.C.)   001MPG 1MPa
  002MPG 2MPa
  005MPG 5MPa
  010MPG 10MPa
  020MPG 20MPa
  035MPG 35MPa *Sensor Q type only
  050MPG 50MPa
  100MPG 100MPa *Sensor T/Q type only
*Available thread size
varies with the sensor.
  R3 R3/8(Target model: VPRT/VPRQ)
  G3 G3/8(Target model: VPRTF/VPRQF/VPRF)
  R4 R1/2(Target model: VPRT-100MP)
  G4 G1/2(Target model: VPRTF-100MP/VPRQF-100MP)

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions
Selection table for pressure sensor
Connection screw G3/8 R3/8 G3/8 R1/2 G1/2
Rated capacity 1–50MPa 1–50MPa 100MPa
Pressure sensor VPRQ VPRQF VPRQF
Connection screw R3/8 G3/8 G1/2
Rated capacity 1–50MPa 100MPa




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