Digital Pressure Meter with Directly Connected Sensor

Digital Pressure MeterRange Variable 2-wire Ceramic Pressure Sensor

VPTS series

* Actual products may differ from photo
  depending on specifications.

We have developed it on the concept of high precision, high withstand pressure, high durability and high stability.
Overwhelming spec, ease of use and low price to be realized.
* Caution: Sensing part is SUS316L (screw part) + alumina ceramic + O-ring (EPDM). Please note the use fluid.

Measured medium Media that will not corrode SUS316L(Screw part) + Alumina ceramic + O-ring(EPDM).
Pressure type Positive, absolute, and compound pressures can be measured.
Pressure range -300~300Pa


Rated Capacity ±2.5kPa
Safe Overload Rating 200%R.C.
Power Source Voltage DC24V(Operating range: 18~26.5V)
Analog Output 4~20mA, 2 wire system (Max: Approx. 22mA)
Safe load resistance: 380Ω or less (Power voltage: 24V, Ambient Temperature: 25°C)
Response Time Selected by 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64(63% Access time)
Display 7 segments 4 digit LCD (Character height: 9mm),
Maximum indicated range: -300~300, Display: With backlight
Accuracy ±0.2%R.C.±1digit or less
(Non Linearity, hysteresis and repeatability included.)
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance ±0.5%R.C./10°C or less
Temperature Effect on Load ±0.5%R.C./10°C or less
Range of Use Temperature 0~50°C (Amplifier, Display)
-20~80°C (Temperature of medium to be measured)
0~90%R.H. (No condensation)
Functions Damping, Simulation(Loop check),
Output burnout at error, Quick zero-adjustment etc
Material Aluminum alloy
Sensor Element Alumina ceramic + O-ring (EPDM)
Connection Screw Material SUS316L
Connection R3/8
Fastening Torque; Recommended 20N·m
Fastening Torque; Maximum 30N·m
Setting Change(Max) Writing guaranteed frequency: 10,000 times
IP Rating Equivalent to IP67
Accessories Cable gland (×1)
Option Full set of bracket for 50A plumbing fixation

Model Selection

Model Selection

Selection of Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor is built in the case, and therefore need not be specified.
Selection Check Model Specification
1.Model VPTS Range Variable 2-wire Ceramic Pressure Sensor
2.Display/Output A6VB 4~20mA (2 wire system), Output scaling variable
Display: With backlight
3.Calibration (±300Pa) (-300~300Pa)
4.Connection C01GR3 R3/8
5.Sensor Case Material S SUS304
6.Pressure Port O-ring Material E EPDM
7.Power 4 DC24V

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