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Battery type Pressure Checker
VPG8 series
(Semiconductor diaphragm type for Low-Absolute pressure)
50kPa abs–500kPa abs

* Actual products may differ from photo depending on specifications.

  • Suitable as a secondary calibration device for bourdon pressure gauge.
  • Lightweight, compact, high accuracy (±0.25%F.S.) and waterproof equivalent to IP65
  • Pressure peak and fluctuating pressures (±) can be checked by the peak hold function.
  • Battery-operated (AAA alkaline cells) type serves as a portable pressure meter. Easy to change batteries.
  • Traceability documents available separately.
Measured medium Gases, water, oil or other media that will not corrode Hastelloy C22 + SUS316L.
Pressure type Positive, absolute, and compound pressures can be measured.
Pressure range −100–500kPa, 0–500kPa(abs)


Display 4 digit LCD(Max.-999–2000), Character height:12.7mm
Indication Conversion Rate Selected by 125ms/250ms/500ms/1s/2s/5s/10s
(Initialization 1sec) *The faster the rate, the sooner the batteries will run out.
Accuracy ±0.25%F.S.±1digit
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance ±1%R.C./0–70°C (Compensated temperature range 25°C standard)
Temperature Effect on Load ±1%R.C./0–70°C (Compensated temperature range 25°C standard)
Temperature compensation range
(Measurement medium temperature)(Note 1)
Display: -10–55°C
Sensor: 0–70°C (Measurement medium temperature)
Safe Overload Rating 300%R.C.
Durability 10 million cycles or more
Battery Longevity Approx. 3000H (Under our measurement condition) (*1)
Power 4 single alkali dry cell (LR03): 2
Power ON/OFF via the front sheet keys
Low battery warning: Battery icon lit up on the display
Functions Tare (Auto zero), Peak hold, Maximum/Minimum monitoring facility, Function of moving average
Case Material ABS
Pressure Port Material SUS316L (Diaphragm part: Hastelloy C-22)
IP Rating Equivalent to IP65
External dimensions φ85×49.4(D: Protrusions not included)
Weight Approx. 200g (Batteries included)
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report (1 copy), Test batteries (*2)
  • (Note 1)Check the specifications of the battery to be used, and use within the operating temperature range specified by the battery manufacturer.
  • (*1)Continuous running at room temperature Measurement cycle (= Display cycle): 1 sec
  • (*2)Alkaline cells are recommended when changing the batteries with new ones.

Model Selection


Selection of Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor is built in the case, and therefore need not be specified.

Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VPG8 Battery type 4 digit LCD display Pressure Checker Character height: 12.7mm
2.Casing type AS Sensor directly connected on bottom
3.Display/Calibration - - Rated capacity Example of calibration range
  See right table.
Enter the range in the
  as it is.
Gauge pressure (0–50kPa) Selected by 50kPa or
(0–100kPa) Selected by 100kPa or
(0–200kPa) Selected by 200kPa or
(0–500kPa) 500kPa designation
Absolute pressure (0–50kPa abs) Selected by 50kPa(abs) or
(0–100kPa abs) Selected by 100kPa(abs) or
(0–200kPa abs) Selected by 200kPa(abs) or
(0–500kPa abs) 500kPa(abs) designation
Compound pressure
(In case of calibration range with ± signs)
Compound pressure range should be shown in parentheses.
(±50kPa) Selected by ±50kPa or
(±100kPa) Selected by ±100kPa or
(-100–200kPa) Selected by -100–200kPa or
(-100–500kPa) -100–500kPa designation
4.Sensor type,
Rated Capacity
  See right table.
Enter the range in the
  as it is.
Gauge pressure H050KPG50kPa (Gauge pressure with breathable Gore-Tex)
A100KPG100kPa (Gauge pressure with breathable Gore-Tex)
A200KPG200kPa (Gauge pressure with breathable Gore-Tex)
A500KPG500kPa (Gauge pressure with breathable Gore-Tex)
Absolute pressure H050KPA 50kPa abs
A100KPA 100kPa abs
A200KPA 200kPa abs
A500KPA 500kPa abs
Compound pressure HR050KP ±50kPa
PR100KP ±100kPa
PR200KP -100–200kPa
PR700KP -100–500kPa
5.Connection   R2 Connection screw R1/4
* Selectable only when Sensor type / Rated Capacity is PR100KP ± 100kPa
  R3 Connection screw R3/8
  G3 Connection screw G3/8
6.Battery B 4 single alkali dry cell (LR03)

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

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