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Differential Pressure type Round Digital Pressure Meter with Analog Output
(Calculation Model)
VPC series
(Differential pressure calculation model with analog output)
50kPa abs–1700kPa abs

* Actual products may differ from photo depending on specifications.

  • Pressure is input via two sensors, requiring no equalizing valve for preventing one-side pressure resistance.
  • High accuracy and long life.
  • Can be selected from abundant pressure range.
Measured medium Air, gases, water, oil or other media.
(Depends on the material of sensor.)
Pressure type Positive, negative, compound and absolute pressures can be measured.
Pressure range Pressure sensor series ranging from low pressure, absolute pressure, and medium-to-high pressure up to 100 MPa are available.
(See photos on the left for pressure sensors.)


Display 1999 3 ½digit Super luminosity Red LED (Character height: Approx. 15mm)
Display Conversion Speed 3 times/sec. (Standard), Can be set in the range of 1–15 times/s.
Accuracy(*1) ±0.05%F.S.±1digit
Use Temperature Range 0–55°C (No freezing)
Use Humidity Range 0–90%RH (No condensation)
External dimensions φ104×56 (D:Protrusions not included)
Weight Approx. 650g (Varies with specification)
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report 1 copy(*2)
  • (*1) Take into account the accuracy of the pressure sensor selected from the table.
  • (*2) For accessories such as connectors, refer to the pages of Accessories and Options.

Model Selection


Selection of Pressure sensor

Refer to Selection Table for Pressure Sensors for specification and model numbers and specify the desired model.
[e.g.] VPC - D1 - A3 - AB - 1.000MPa - 1 / VPRQ - 1MP

Selection of Power converter

Only when AC power is used, refer to the Power Converters page, and specify the model.
[e.g.] TUC - AC100V - 3 - 1N
Selection Check Model Specifications
1.Model VPC Differential Pressure type Round Digital Pressure Meter with Analog Output(Calculation Model)
2.Display Mode   D1 Japanese mathematics display (D1=P1+P2)
  D2 Subtract display (D2=P1-P2)
3.Analog output - - Output type Response frequency Safe load resistance
  D Display only (No output) - -
  A1 1mV/digit. (±1999mV.max) 1.2kHz 10kΩ or more
  A2 1–5V
  A3 4–20mA (4-wire) 333Hz 250Ω or less
  A4 0–5V 1.2kHz 10kΩ or more
  A5 0–10V
4.Casing type   AB Directly connected on bottom side + Directly connected on back side
  AP Directly connected on bottom side + Separate
5.Display/Calibration     Specify the range within the rated capacity of the applicable pressure sensor.(Within 50% of the rated capacity)
*Refer toSelection Table for Pressure Sensors for the rated capacity.
6.Power [Consumption current]   1 AC100V [5VA] When specifying AC power, a dedicated power converter "TUC" will be included. Click here for the specifications of power converters.
  11 AC110V [5VA]
  2 AC200V [5VA]
  22 AC220V [5VA]
  3 DC±12V [200mA]
  4 DC24V [100mA]
  5 DC12V [200mA] *Not available when analog output is A5
7.Indication Conversion Rate
    Indication conversion rate: Standard¬†3times/sec. Option(¬† times/sec.)
*Specify in the range of 1–15times/s.

External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions External dimensions
Selection table for pressure sensor
Pressure sensor VHR3 VHG3 VAR3 VAG3 VPNPR VPNPG
Connection screw R3/8 G3/8 R3/8 G3/8 R3/8 G3/8
Rated capacity 50kPa(or kPa abs) 100–700kPa(or kPa abs) 100–1700kPa(or kPa abs)
Pressure sensor VNF VPRF VPRT VPRTF
Connection screw G3/4 G3/8 R3/8 G3/8
Rated capacity 100–1700kPa(or kPa abs) 1–50MPa 1–50MPa
Connection screw R1/2 G1/2 R3/8 G3/8 G1/2
Rated capacity 100MPa 1–50MPa 100MPa




Output specification

Output specification

Power specification

Power specification

*Only when AC power is used, select exclusive trans unit. (Refer to the "Exclusive power for VPC" page.)

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