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Amplifier Module(for Pressure/Load)
VPJ series

  • Selectable from among 4 analog outputs. [4 to 20mA, 1 to 5V, 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V]
  • Power and I/O lines are isolated from each other to enhance noise resistance.
  • Can be mounted on the base plate or via the DIN rail adapter.
Can be combined with sensors Can be combined with all models of pressure sensors and load cells.
Sensor specifications Refer to the pages of pressure sensors and load cells.
Calibration of amplifier and sensor VPJ amplifiers and pressure sensors or load cells have been calibrated as a pair.
Amplifiers and sensors have been calibrated as a pair under the same serial number.


Applicable sensor Pressure sensor or load cell of VALCOM
Analog output response 1msec or less (Not including sensor characteristic)
Nonlinearity ±0.1%F.S. (Not including sensor characteristic)
Temperature coefficient ±0.02%F.S./°C (Not including sensor characteristic)
Operating temperature range 0–50°C
Operating humidity range 35–85%RH (No condensation)
Dimensions Base plate type: 115(W)×35(H)×50(D)
DIN rail type: 95(W)×40(H)×50(D)
Weight Approx. 190g
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy (Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report 1 copy

Model Selection


Pressure Sensor or Load Cell Selection

Click here for the specifications of pressure sensors, and click here for the loads cells.
Specify the applicable models.
[e.g.] VPJ-A2-50MPa-4/VPRT-50MP(3m cable included)

Selection Cheak Model Specifications
1.Model VPJ Amplifier Module
2.Analog output - - Output type Response frequency Load resistance Consumption current
  A2 1–5V 1kHz This value has been calculated as response frequency (= 1/2T (Hz)) based on the measured step response (0–100%) and rise time (T) with the sensor bridge resistance of 350Ω. Response frequency is determined by the sensor to be used. Consult with us when focusing on response. 5kΩ or more 60mA or less,
Approx. 120mA
(at DC12V)(*1)
  A3 4–20mA DC24V: 500Ω or less
DC12V: 250Ω or less
70mA or less,
Approx. 140mA
(at DC12V)(*1)
  A4 0–5V 5kΩ or more 60mA or less,
Approx. 120mA
(at DC12V)(*1)
  A5 0–10V
3.Load type
*To be specified only when combining with a load cell.
  Blank Pressure sensor is selected
  PS Compression
  PL Tensile
  PSL Tension and compression
*Add a "±" sign to the display range when using for tensile/compression load.
4.Pressure range,
Load range
    Enter the pressure or load range.
Refer to the page of the pressure sensor or load cell.
*Add a "±" sign to the display range when using for tensile/compression or compound load.
5.Cable connection   N Depending on pressure sensor or load cell Selected pressure sensor: Standard connector
  W Selected pressure sensor: Water-proof connector
  S Selected pressure sensor: Straight out cable
  Blank Load cell is selected
6.Power [Power consumption]   4 DC24V±10%
  5 DC12V±10%
7.Installation specifications   Blank Base plate
  D DIN rail mounting adapter
  • *1 Consumption current about 3 times that in steady state flows at the rise. Power capacity must be designed with sufficient margin.

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

Input/output terminal block layout

  Terminal Name Connect to
I/O connecter DC POW (−) Power input (−) Power supply
DC POW (+) Power input (+)
A OUT (−) Analog output (−) Analog output
A OUT (+) Analog output (+)
Sensor connecter Shield (E) Shield Load cell
Pressure sensor
SIG+ (D) Sensor output (+)
EXC- (C) Sensor power (−)
SIG- (B) Sensor output (−)
EXC+ (A) Sensor power (+)

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