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Graphic Multi Meter

Use in combination with pressure sensors or load cells.

Automatic function to generate comparative waveforms included.
Operability improved significantly

Color LCD graphic touch screen adopted!!

  • Setting parameters in advance generates comparative waveform automatically as soon as sampling waveform is loaded.
  • Digital display enabled on waveform comparison screen even during peak hold operation.
  • Measures the changes in load in real time. This helps to identify the cause of trouble and avoid the problem smoothly.
  • Not only waveform but also displacement can be compared, which enables measurement while keeping the load value even when stopped.
  • Includes the inflection point hold function to detect "the peak of initial pressure" and "the end of process". This increases the certainty of Go/No-Go judgment.
  • 2 input channels enabled (strain gauge + process input).

How to Generate Comparison Waveforms

How to Generate Comparison Waveforms

Very easy to generate sampled waveform

Very easy to generate sampled waveform

Model Selection


Selection Cheak Model Specifications
1.Model VLGM3 Graphic multi-meter (With a function to generate comparison waveforms automatically)
2.Input unit - - Ach Bch
GV Strain gauge input (350Ω)
Input signal range: ±4,0mV/V,
Input calibration range 0.1–3.0mV/V
Process input range:
0–10V, 4–20mA, ±0–20mA
3.Output Unit RS RS-232C
4.Power 7 AC100–AC240V (±10%[50/60Hz])
5.SD memory card function 0 Without SD memory card function

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions External dimensions

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