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Small, Rapid Strain Gauge Panel Meter
VGM2 series

Use in combination with pressure sensors or load cells.

Industry's most compact body full of functions!!

All functions consolidated in a body of 48(W) × 24 (H) mm.

  • Scaling function [Sets the values to be displayed for actual inputs as desired.]
  • Zero shift function [Easy to adjust zero point]
  • Auto AZ function [Sets the initial measurement as zero automatically.]
  • Auto zero function [Measures from the last displayed value as "zero" (Tare)]
  • Tracking zero function [Corrects slow zero-shift internally and automatically.]
  • Auto peak hold function [Switches measurement to the peak hold mode automatically if the preset value is exceeded]
  • Analog output function [Scales the analog output range as desired.]
  • Level comparator function [Compares the level of measurements to output signals]
  • Window comparator function [Compares the measurements between two windows (areas) to output signals.]
  • Control input chattering filter function [Filters chattering to prevent malfunction.]
  • Key lock protection function [Prevents incorrect setting or malfunction due to inadvertent key operations.]

Level Comparator Function

This function compares the measured value with the preset limits and reflects the result of judgment in the S1 output.
It is also possible to add hysteresis to comparison.

Level Comparator Function

Window Comparator Function

This function compares the measured value with the preset windows (areas) and reflects the result of judgment in the S2 output.
Set the higher and lower limits of the window. It is also possible to add hysteresis to comparison.

Window Comparator Function

Measuring part specification

Applicable sensor Various strain gauge sensors (350Ω)
Sensor power supply DC5V 60mA
Measuring range ±4mV/V
Span adjusting range 0.001–3.000mV/V
Zero adjusting range ±1.000mV/V
Display setting range ±9999 (Decimal point can be set to any position)
Minmum measuring sensitivity 0.2µV/V/digit
(Resolution of 1000 at span of 0.2mV/V and resolution of 9999 at span of 2.0mV/V)
A/D conversion Consecutive comparison
Sampling speed Can be freely set within range of 1–1000 times/sec
Filtering Moving averaging (Can be freely set within range of OFF–256 times)
Accuracy ±0.1%F.S.±1digit (23°C±5°C, sampling speed of less than 20 times/sec)
±0.15%F.S.±1digit (23°C±5°C, Standard)
Temperature characteristics ± (0.005% of rdg+0.5digit)/°C
Display unit 7-segment RED LED (Character height: 8mm)
Over range warming Flashing at measuring limit point

Comparison block Specifications

Control method Computation by microcomputer
Comparison Level comparator 1-point (S1)
Window comparator 1-point (S2)
S1 comparison condition High limit/low limit evaluation is freely selectable
S2 comparison condition GO/NG evaluation is freely selectable
Setting range ±9999
Comparison cycle Synchronizing with sampling period
Comparison output Photo-coupler open collector output
(NPN Darlington, DC30V, 60mA)
Hysteresis Can be freely set within range of 1–999digit for each setpoint

Data output specifications

Analog output 4–20mA (Outputs for the changes in the displayed value within the user-set range.)
Output cycle Synchronizing with sampling period
Load resistance 250Ω or less
Output accuracy ±0.5%F.S. (23±5°C) (for displayed value)
Temp. coefficient: ±200ppm/°C

External control input sepecifications

Electrical rating "0" Level: 0–1.5V, "1" Level: 3.5–5V
Input current: −2mA or less

Other common specifications

Functions Teacking zero function, Zero shift function, ect
Memory backup Using EEPROM (No. of write times guaranteed: 1000,000 times 1 million)
Memory error warning Memory check is conducted every time power is turned on to display error if detected
Use Temperature Range 0–50°C (No freezing)
Use Humidity Range 35–85%RH (No condensation)
Power [Consuming current] DC24V±10% [100mA (TYP) at 24VDC]
Dielectric strength For 1 min. at 500VDC between power supply and other terminals
Insulation resistance More than 100MΩ at 500VDC between power supply and other terminals
Accessories Operating manual 1 copy, Mounting adapter, Waterproof packing, and engineering unit seal

Model Selection


External dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions

Terminal connection diagram

Terminal connection

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