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Vertical type Color Bar Graph Meter "RAINBAR" series
RV3/CV3 series

  • The color of the entire bar chart changes among red, orange and green, according to the set values!
  • 4 to 20 mA analog outputs available
  • 4-digit mini display included
  • High accuracy thanks to the split-mounted 101-dot LED.
  • Easy-to-view color bar graph instead of digital display.
  • Supports various signal inputs for wide range of use.
  • Compact, low-cost, high brightness and easy-to-view design.
  • CE-compliant (option)
Input signal Specify among 1 to 5V, 4 to 20mA(4-wire, 2-wire), 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V.
Sensor specifications Select from Pressure Sensor Analog output type or output devices above.
Use Thermometer, pressure meter, load meter, level meter, flowmeter, tachometer, etc.


Form Vertical type
Display Bicolor LED for measurement: 101 dot
Bicolor LED for zero adjustment: 1 dot
Red LEDs for set value check 2 points
Input impedance 4–20mA: 10Ω
0–5V/1–5V/0–10V: 1MΩ or more
Sampling cycle Approx. 100 cycles/s
Response time 0.5s or less
Functions Brightness control, Zero/span adjustment
Accuracy ±1%±1digit
Operating temperature −5–55°C
Operating humidity 30–90%RH (No condensation)
Connections Terminal block (M3 screw)
Dimensions 36(W)×144(H)×103(D)
Weight Approx.470g (Varies with specification)
Accessories Operation manual (1 copy)

Model Selection


Selection Cheak Model Specifications
1.Model   RV3 Zone color change, fixed color: Amber→Green→Red
  CV3 Total color change, fixed color: Amber→Green→Red
2.Output   D Analog output is not selectable. Only selection⑤ Blank is selectable.
Selectable when in combination with selection⑦ Input signal A6
  A Selectable when in combination with selection⑤ Analog output A2, A3
3.Mounting Direction   V Vertical
4.Alarm output   2S 2-point alarm rated load 250V AC 1A/30V DC 5A
  4S 4-point alarm rated load 250V AC 1A/30V DC 5A
5.Analog output   Blank Without analog output (Applicable for input signal A6)
  A2 1–5V DC (load resistance 5000Ω or more)
(Selectable only for selection ② output A)
  A3 4–20mA DC (load resistance 550Ω or less)
(Selectable only for selection ② output A)
6.Power Supply   4 24V DC (±15%) max.3.5W
  7 100〜240V AC(85〜264V) max.8VA
7.Input Signal   A2 1–5V (input resistance 1MΩ or more)
  A3 4–20mA (input resistance 10Ω)
  A4 0–5V (input resistance 1MΩ or more)
  A5 0–10V (input resistance 1MΩ or more)
  A6 4–20mA (2-wire) (input resistance 250Ω, with excitation)
8.CE   Blank Without CE conformance
  CE With CE conformance
Display Scale     (Left scale max. value/Right scale max. value) or (Left scale max. value)
①Both side scale Type specify example(5m/100%) 5m=Left scale 100%=Right scale
②One side scale Type specify example(100%) 100%=Left scale

*Standard scale division is 10 even division
(E.g.For 100%, 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100%)

For display scale, specify max. 4 digit including decimal point and sign.
(E.g. 10.0MPa=OK -1.0kPa=OK -1.00 kPa=NG)

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

External dimensions External dimensions

Terminal connection

Terminal connection

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