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Digital Panel Meter VALCOR series
F3 series

Indicates the change in condition with
change of color. LCD adopted.

F3 type has up to four setting outputs per input channel.
Highly versatile panel meter suitable to various occasions.

  • Current operation state (normal/abnormal) can be found easily by the color of the value (on main display).
  • Measured values can be displayed in 3 colors: red, orange and green, as desired, in areas partitioned by set values.
  • High speed sampling as fast as 2000 samples per second.
  • Fast output enables use for high-speed and safe control purposes.
  • Analog output ranges of 4 to 20 mA, 1 to 5 V and 0 to 5 V included as standard.
  • Output scaling function included, which allows the measurement range to be set variable as desired.


Input signal Process input: 4–20mA/0–5V/1–5V/0–10V Selectable
Power supply for sensor: DC12V 80mA max.
Input impedance 4–20mA: 68Ω
0–5V/1–5V/0–10V: 68kΩ
Display −9999–9999 (User selectable decimal places)
7 segment 4-digit LCD with 3 changeable colors (red, orange and green)
Sampling cycle 2000 times/sec Max.
Indication Conversion Rate 1–10 times/sec Selectable
Accuracy Display: ± 0.05%F.S.±1digit (25°C±3°C)
Analog output: ±0.5%F.S. (25°C±3°C)
Analog output 4–20mA/0–5V/1–5V Range to be switched, Option 0–10V (*1)
Setting output
(Select by model)
4-setting Relay output, AC125V, 0.3A (per 1 setting)/ DC24V, 1A (per 1 setting)
Response time 3msec. or less(*1)
4-setting Photomos Relay output, AC / DC250V, 0.1A (per 1 setting)
Response time of compaarison output 2msec. or less (*1)
Operating temperature range 0–55°C (No freezing)
Operating humidity range 35–85%RH (No condensation)
Power supply
(Select by model)
AC90–240V 50/60Hz Current consumpiton 15VA or less
DC24V ±10% Current consumpiton 300mA or less
Dimensions 97(W)×48.8(H)×132.5(D) *Option terminals are not described in the following figure
Weight Approx. 300g (Varies with specification)
Accessories Operation manual (1 copy), Unit labels, List of initial settings, Panel mounting bracket, Amphenol connector (5730240) (BCD output function only)
Other Functions Display scaling, Analog output scaling, Display hold (upper peak/bottom peak/transition peak/peak-to-peak/sample hold), Auto-zero, Max./min. value indication, Pattern selection, Simulation, Input value shift, sub-display ON/OFF, Key protection, Main display color change, Display update rate setting, Power-saving mode ON/OFF, Sampling rate setting, Dumping time constant, Zero suppress ON/OFF, Fix-zero, Tracking zero
  • (*1)0–90% of response time. Sampling cycle, damping time constant at high-speed setting

Setting output

F3 4-setting output to ch.1

Option output

Analog output
0–10V Safe load resistance 10kΩ or more
Response time 2.5msec.or less(*)
Analog output accuracy ±0.5%F.S.(25°C±3°C)
Temperature characteristics ±0.35%F.S./10°C
BCD open collector output
NPN open collector DC50V 100mA or less
Response time 1.5msec. or less (*)
RS-232C-compliant 2-wire half-duplex Asynchronous
Communication rate (300/600 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400 bps)
Stop bit (1, 2bit)
Data length (7, 8bit)
unit No. (0–99)
RS-485-compliant 2-wire half-duplex Asynchronous
Communication rate (300/600 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400 bps)
Stop bit (1, 2bit)
Data length (7, 8bit)
unit No. (0–99)
  • (*)0–90% of response time. Sampling cycle, damping time constant at high-speed setting

Model Selection


Selection Cheak Model Specifications
1.Model F3 1ch. Input
2.Power supply [Current consumpiton]   4 DC 24V ±10% Current consumpiton 300mA or less
  7 AC 90–240V Current consumpiton 50/60Hz 15VA or less
3.Input signal   N Multiple-input
Process input 4–20mA/0–5V/1–5V
Power supply for sensor DC12V 80mA max.
  A5 0–10V/4–20mA (Note)
4.Setting output   S 4-setting Relay output AC125V 0.3A/DC24V 1A
(per 1 setting)
  O 4-setting Photomos Relay output AC/DC250V 0.1A
(per 1 setting)
5.Output signal
  Blank 4–20mA Safe load resistance: 250Ω or less
0–5V/1–5V Safe load resistance: 10kΩ or more
Analog output accuracy ±0.5%F.S. (25°C±3°C)
Temperature characteristics ±0.35%F.S./10°C
  A5 Analog output 0–10V Safe load resistance: 10kΩ or more
  BO BCD open collector output NPN type
  RS RS-232C
  R1 RS-485
  • (Note) Do not use sensor power supply of this unit when connecting pressure transducer (VALCOM product),
    sensor 0–10V output type (Model code:A5). Please prepare sensor power supply separately.

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

F3 Process input type

External dimensions External dimensions External dimensions

Terminal connection

Terminal connection

(A)Terminals for control Output, terminals for control input (upper) connection

Terminal connection
Terminal No. Name Functions Terminal No. Name Functions
1 SCOM COM terminal of comparison setting output 8 HLD Hold
2 S1 Comparison setting output 1 terminal 9 P.SEL2 Pattern SEL 2
3 S2 Comparison setting output 2 terminal FZ Forced zero
4 S3 Comparison setting output 3 terminal 10 P.SEL1 Pattern SEL 1
5 S4 Comparison setting output 4 terminal CLR Clear
6 ICOM COM terminal of control 11 ACOM Analog output COM
7 SPC Sample hold clear 12 IOUT Analog (Current) Output+
AZ Auto-zero 13 VOUT Analog (Voltage) Output+

(B)Option output connection

●BCD signal output

Terminal connection

Amphenol: 5740240 Accessories: Amphenol: 5730240

Item Pin No. Item
EOC (Signal of over the conversion) 1 13 Digital GND.
1 2 14 1 ×102
2 3 15 2
4 4 16 4
8 5 17 8
1 6 18 1 ×103
2 7 19 2
4 8 20 4
8 9 21 8
- 10 22 -
OVER (Over) 11 23 POL. (Polarity)
- 12 24 -

●RS-232C communication

Terminal connection
Name Pin No. Functions Input output
SD 2 Transmit data Output
RD 3 Received data Input
FG 1 Frame ground, or cable shield -
RS 4 Request to send Output
CS 5 clear to send Input
SG 7 Signal ground -
DR 6 Data set ready Input
ER 20 Data terminal ready Output

●RS-485 communication

Terminal connection
Signal name Terminal No. Item Input output
A+ 23 Non inverting output Input output
B- 24 Inverting output Input output
SG 25 Signal ground -
Terminator 26 Terminals are

(C)Input/output terminals connection

Terminal connection

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