Strain Gauge Amplifier / Digital Amplifier

Strain Gauge Amplifier / Digital AmplifierDigital substrate for Strain guage



* Actual products may differ from photo
  depending on specifications.

Special interface (UART) RS/485 2wire type
Digital filtering and scaling of the measurement signal
Communication via ASCII command
Limit value switches with hysteresis
Indicate status of power supply
Parameter setting and measurement via panel program software
Power fail safe parameter strong


Specially designed free software allows you to conveniently parameterize your AD105C.

* Please go to our website for the specially designed free software and manual.

AdjustmentInitial condition confirmation is available via computer.


Initial setting. Peak hold of process time and filter simulation is available via computer software. It makes your product development more convenience that frequently feth date is not necessary.

ConfirmationOperating confirmation is available via graph function.


Thanks to graph function, change of weight value. Process time monitoring, peak value confirmation is available and frequently feth date is not necessary.


Accuracy class 6000d
(Input sensitivity more than 0.5µV/d)
Measuring signal input >300Ω
Bridge excit voltage AC5V
Measuring range max ±3.0mV/V
Input sensitivity 2.0mV/Va
Measuring signal resolution max 24bit (at1Hz)
Measuring rate 200, 100, 50, 25, 12, 6, 3, 2, 1 Hz
(Depending on output format and Baudrate)
Cut off frequency of the digital filter (-3db) adjust 20~0.05Hz
Interface cable length
between AED and computer
RS485 ≤ 1000m
Linearity deviation ±0.0025% (related to full scale value)
Temperature effect per 10 °C Zero point
(related to full scale value)
Measuring sensitivity
(related to actual value)
Serial interface Electrical level
Low: B-A&<0.35V, High: B-A&<0.35V
Baudrate (adjust) 1200~115200Baud
Output voltage (Max) 15V
Current load, output (Max) 40mA(at 6V), 22mA(at 15V)
Supply voltage DC6~15V
Current consumption ≤60mA (with 350Ω load cell)
Normal temperature range -10~40°C
Operating temperature range -10~50°C
Storage temperature range -25~75°C
Dimensions 45(L)×22.5(W)×7(H)mm
Degree of protection to EN60529 IP00
Weight Approx. 50g

Application Guide

Load calibration for transfer press etc.

Load calibration for transfer press etc.

Filling management. (Weight measurement)

Filling management. (Weight measurement)

Recommended Load Cell

Photo Model Rated Capacity(R.C.) Non Linearity Maximum Load Area Features
VPW4MC3 0.3, 0.5, 2, 3, 5kg ±0.0150%R.C. 200×200mm Single Point
Compact, High performance
VSP4MC3MR 15, 20, 30kg ±0.0166%R.C. 450×450mm Single Point
High capacity type
50, 75, 100, 200kg 600×600mm
VPW10AC3 50, 100, 150,
200, 250, 300kg
±0.0166%R.C. 600×600mm Single Point
High capacity type
VS40AC3 50, 100, 200, 500kg
1, 2, 3, 5ton
±0.0180%R.C. - S type Load Cell
Model: KN
VPW25C3 10, 20kg ±0.0166%R.C. 400×400mm 1000% overload protection Single point loadcell
IP69K Fully sealed weld structure
PW27 10, 20kg ±0.0166%R.C. 400×400mm EHEDG compatible load cell as Industry's first
1000% overload protection Single point loadcell
IP69K Fully sealed weld structure

The AD105C motherboard is not protected against electrostatic discharge.
Relevant precautions must be taken when handling in during installation in the transducer.

Important information to EMC protection.

Be sure to install AD105C motherboard into a Grounded Metal case and use shield cable.
Both of shield cables should connected with AD105C motherboard's Grounded metal case.

Learn more about external dimensions.